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Notion Template OS

Vensy Krishna
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Everything you need to know about selling Notion templates.

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This is the only resource you need to learn how to sell your Notion Templates online.

There are at least 12 ways to earn money with Notion, but selling Notion templates is the easiest way to get started.

I've been creating Notion templates since 2020 and have had thousands of sales of my products. In the process, I established a stream of steady income, grew my brand as a no-code and productivity expert, got appointed as a Notion Ambassador, and launched a successful career in tech. I owe a large part of my growth to being a Notion creator, and I want to help you unlock the magic of the booming creator economy.

Notion Template OS is a carefully curated collection of all of my experience and best practices for building a thriving business selling Notion products. It is a comprehensive guide to setting up and growing a successful digital store, providing resources for brand design, mission and purpose, technical setup, product building, design guidelines, growth hacking, monetization strategies, and more.

We'll cover everything from setting up your first digital store and learning how the creator economy works, optimizing the conversion emails you send out, building beautiful stylesheets and templates, and so much more!

⬇️ Take the first step towards launching a thriving digital business with Notion Template OS.

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Download the most comprehensive resource for selling Notion Templates and scaling your digital store.

8 Extensive Sections
With Exercises
Brand Optimization
Design, Messaging, Tone, Landing Pages, Copywriting
Technicals, Notion Tips, Digital Product Design
Marketing, Promotions, Monetization Strategies

Notion Template OS

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