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Emergency Volunteer Efforts Workspace Template

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If you're working on Emergency COVID Relief Efforts in India, this is a great template for you to organize your team and volunteers. 

This is actually the copy of our own workspace at Hyd COVID Resources (an app I designed for my city in India). I've included: a team space, a master to-do list, filtered views, team database, Press Kit, etc. The focus was on designing a simple and clean Notion Workspace that is intuitive to follow for new users.

This was how I scaled a team of 3 to 30 in just 4 days (working completely remotely and async). I also held a workshop on how I created this, please watch it here.

This tool gives you public-facing and private-facing workspace page templates for your emergency volunteer efforts. I've tried to keep it very simple so you will have no problem duplicating this and setting it up for your team.

  • A free Notion workspace for your emergency COVID relief efforts/ volunteer initiatives.


Emergency Volunteer Efforts Workspace Template

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