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2023 Goal Setting Tool

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2023 Goal Setting Tool

Vensy Krishna
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If you're in the process of setting your 2021 goals, here's a tool for you: 2021 Goals Vision Board. This tool has a worksheet, Daily Habit Tracker, a Weekly and Monthly Review System, Daily Schedule, and finally, a North Star dashboard to remind you of your life values and long-term ambitions.

It's never enough to have a clear vision of your goal— to reach your destination, you should also be prepared to make the journey until the last mile. While having a picture of the final destination gives us the motivation to move forward in our journey, this fleeting motivation is not enough to make the right progress. What we also need is a process to ensure that we reach our destination. We need to hold on to something on our worst days when our motivation and discipline are at their weakest. These are the times when we are likely to give up on our goals. This is when we need a PACT process. A Purposeful, Actionable, Continuous, and Trackable process breaks down the journey into manageable chunks and gives us something to hold on to on our most difficult days.

Purposeful: Helps you align with your larger life values and vision.

Actionable: Helps you identify the single-most-important action you need to take.

Continuous: Helps you identify the habit you need to cultivate to reach the goal.

Trackable: Helps you by asking if you did the action today.

You go for weeks studying hard for many hours a day, yet you don't seem to be making much progress on your mock tests, and because of dwindling motivation, your breaks are longer, and you are missing study sessions. All the progress you made initially has collapsed, and you are about to give up on your goal. But if you had a PACT process, you would remember that you want a job at a top company because you want to provide for your family (Purposeful), that you need to improve your GPA by two more points to make this happen (Actionable). You would also know that you need to study for three hours each day to ace your tests at the end of the year (Continuous). The only thing standing between you and the job is the answer to the question: did you study for two hours today? (Trackable).

On days when you have no motivation, PACT reminds you of a purpose greater than your goal and offers you a chance to get one step closer to it.

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